Using your Personal Health Record

Your Personal Health Record (PHR) is where you may store all your available medical data.   You may upload your medical reports, new or old, in any sequence and they will  form part of an integrated record that your doctors would find easy to read and interpret. It is an efficient way to make your doctors fully understand you as a patient before they prescribe your treatment.

Creating and maintaining your PHR:

It is easy to create your WatchMyHealth Personal Health Record online yourself, by clicking on the Create new account button in the Home Page and following the instructions.  If you have consulted the doctor at WMH Preventive Health Centre, your PHR would already be in existence.   Creation and maintenance of your PHR is a free service.

Your Personal Health Record provides information to your doctor about:

- your current physical and metabolic parameters, haemoglobin, blood counts, relevant disease markers, kidney and liver function tests, ECGs and radiological imaging. (You can enter these results yourself using the left menu)

- the complete list of your health conditions, recent consultations and other relevant clinical history (entered by WMH doctor).

Entering your data:

You may enter new laboratory data or edit existing ones in your PHR using the options in the left menu. ECGs and other images including photographs of X-rays, scanned discharge summaries etc may be uploaded using the link in the left menu 'UPLOAD ECG...'.  Results of tests done at the WMH Preventive Health Centre get entered in your PHR as soon as they are ready.  Usually within 4 hours of data entry,  you will receive an email that lists the entered results together with concise interpretations of what the results mean to your health.  Values outside normal range will be coloured red (Out-of-range values do not always indicate disease and the decision to treat should be based on your doctor's clinical judgement.).  You are advised to verify that the values have been entered correctly by comparing them with the original reports (in cases of tests done in laboratories other than WMH).  

The staff at the WMH Preventive Health Centre are trained to assist you with maintaining your PHR up-to-date. Your health conditions and clinical history are recorded by the doctor at WMH.  You are enabled to edit the list of your current medicatons using the link 'Edit Medications' in the right menu.

Retrieving your information is done through the following options in the right menu:

Health Summary – a comprehensive PDF report that includes the complete history and progress notes, all laboratory reports and images (ECG, X-rays etc.). This may be printed out as a hard copy, instantly emailed to your doctor or viewed online. It is possible to view all older recorded results online while the PDF report prints only the latest four results owing to limitation of space in a paper copy.

Your Health Analysis – this is a computer-generated report  that interprets your last-entered values and makes clinical inferences based on them. The report contains not only diagnostic formulations, but also generates a list of overdue tests and identifies and gives caution messages when drugs incompatible with the patient's condition or other drugs are entered.

Print Medications – prints the current list of medications and their dosage.

Test Report – prints the report of tests done on any chosen date:

Monitoring your health:

It is essential to keep your PHR always complete and up-to-date in order to realize the full potential of its usefulness to doctors treating you.   At the time of consultation, the doctor enters your important health conditions in your PHR.  Based on this information and other relevant personal variables together with the dates on which your results have been entered last,  a programme within the website generates a Test Calendar that displays a list of 'Overdue Tests' and a list of 'Upcoming Tests'.   The list also displays when the tests become due again.

A copy of the Test Calendar will be emailed to you whenever any test result is entered in your PHR.  It can also be accessed via its link in the right menu.   Complying with the Test Calendar will ensure that your health monitoring is up-to-date.  When an 'overdue test' result is entered in your PHR, it disappears from the refreshed list of Overdue Tests and appears in the list of Upcoming Tests.

Reminders, also located in the right menu, is another useful utility that enables you or your doctor to set up reminders for specific health actions including reviews, specialist appointments and tests that are not covered in the Test Calendar.

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