How do I enter results?

You may enter or edit your lab results using the drop-down options Enter New or Edit provided with each item in the left menu. Before a result is entered, it is essential to know the category to which it belongs. By placing the mouse arrow over the menu items, it is possible to see the tests that each category includes. Click the correct menu item and then click ‘Enter New’. The rest is easy. Enter the date of the test and the values in the appropriate boxes. Make sure the right unit is selected. The commonly used ‘conventional units’ are the default. Once the entry is finished, click on the save button.
You may scan your ECGs and other documents and upload them using the menu opition ‘ECGs, X-rays & Other Tests’.
The Staff at WMH Preventive Health Centre are trained to enter data in your PHRs. A fee is charged in proportion to the volume of data entered.

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