What are the fees?

Creation of Personal Health Record (PHR) and maintenance is now a free service. Your PHR, once created will be permanently accessible from our website using your PHR Number (or email id) and password.

Fees for data entry

You can enter the test results on your own, in which case there is no charge. We can also arrange to have these entered on your behalf by our staff. If you opt for this, data entry fee is charged proportional to the volume of data entered and the number of images scanned or photographed.

Entry of results for tests done at the WMH Preventive Health Centre will be entered by our staff, and this is not separately charged.

Clinic Fees

Registration and Consultation Fee (Valid for 30 days):

Rs 300 (Medicine)
Rs 350 (Cardiology)

Fee for follow up consultations within 30 days: Rs 100/-:

Executive Checkup

Rs. 2000/-

Annual Diabetes Review

Rs. 2200/-

Group discounts are available for organizational check ups.

Payment options:

Payment can be made by cash at the Centre or by cheque drawn in favour of:

Watch My Health, SBI A/C No. 3107 0809 019

For organizational payment, cheque may be sent to:

WMH Preventive Healthcare Private Limited,
Bal Mahal,
Opp All India Radio,
Trivandrum 695014, India

Payment can also be made by electronic fund transfer through your account with any Indian bank (ICICI/ HSBC, SBI etc) by logging on to your bank's website using:

IFSC Code of our bank: SBIN0004685

in favour of:

WatchMyHealth, A/C No. 3107 0809 019

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